Sam Simon, who helped to develop The Simpsons, has promised his fortune to animal charities and food banks after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the
television writer/producer says he gets
“pleasure” from donating.
Simon, 58, is known for giving large
amounts to charity and said he has “more
money than I’m interested in spending”.
The Sam Simon Foundation already helps
stray animals and hungry people.
As an animal lover and supporter of Peta,
Simon says he makes sure the charity only
serves vegan meals at its food bank.
Simpsons co-creator Matt Groening has
called him “brilliantly funny” and “mentally
Simon helped to develop the animated
comedy series in 1989 with Matt Groening
and James L. Brooks but left the show in
He kept the title of executive producer and
has since worked on programmes including
Anger Management and The Drew Carey
His executive role on The Simpsons has continued to earn
him millions of dollars over the last two decades.
“The Simpsons money got bigger and bigger,” he said. “When I left The
Simpsons, no-one thought that this thing
was going to still be around.
“It’s the cumulative effect. It’s like, ‘Oh my
God, 25 years later, and it’s still coming
Simon has been married and divorced
twice, to Family Guy actress Jennifer Tilly
and 1997 Playboy Playmate Jami Ferrell.
He has no children and says everyone in his
family is taken care of.
“I think it’s really nice for him that he’s
doing it now and he gets to see the results
of his philanthropy,” said Tilly.
“He really does have a passion to survive,
and the longer he’s on the earth, the more
good work he can do.”
Simon was diagnosed with colon cancer
five months ago and at the time was given
three to six months to live.
Some of his work with Peta has included
rescuing “abused” circus animals.
“Freeing those animals, that’s something
I’m not sure I would do if it weren’t for the
cancer,” he said.
Well, the question I will like to ask here is not far fetched; how many Nigerians can boast of carrying out this act or doing better than this, if they. Know they will be dying soon?