I am happy believing God doesn’t exist, says Seun Kuti

The Afrobeat singer began his week on a reflective note.
He wrote on his facebook wall…
“The only religion in Africa with a unified doctrine is the traditional african religion and yet it is the evil one. The imported religion do not even accept among themselves what their god says to do or don’t do and they’re the. good guys. I am happy I am an atheist!”
Seun is reported to be expecting a child with long time girlfriend; Yetunde Ademiluyi. Yetunde who happens to
be one of his dancers is the grand daughter of a. prominent Lagos monarch. She has been in Seun’s Egypt 80 band, for over five years.

Do you agree he made a point in his quote?

But personally, I think he, seun, is contradicting himself- for if he says he is an atheist, then he doesn’t believe in the existence of God, but the African traditional religion believe in the existence of a supernatural God who the Yoruba refer to as ‘Eledumare’. Does he not believe in the supernatural God of the ATR?