The Movie, ‘The Wolverine’ earns $55 million for the weekend

( — Sometimes even earning
the No. 1 spot can be seen as a modest
disappointment, or at least that’s what
the new narrative around The Wolverine
(CinemaScore: A-) would have you
With no competition this weekend, The
Wolverine pulled in about $55 million
domestically in 3,924 locations — on
target with studio estimates, but far
below tracking projections, some of
which went so far as to predict an $80
million weekend. With the majority of
screens showing the Fox tentpole in 3-
D, the movie averaged about $14,016
per screen on an estimated budget of
$120 million, so this weekend’s
performance is really nothing to scoff
at. Interestingly, at $55 million, the film
is right in line with 2011′s X-Men: First
Class which made $55.1 million in its
first three days at the box office in early
June. But so far The Wolverine is holding
steady as the second lowest opening of
all of Fox’s six X-Men movies — that title
goes to the first in the series which
opened at $54.5 million. But X-Men was
also released 13 years ago with no 3-D
surcharges, so it’s not an entirely fair
The Wolverine opened internationally
this weekend as well to grosses of $86.1
million, playing on 15,152 screens in
101 territories, bringing its worldwide
total to about $141.1 million. Fox
estimates that audiences were about 58
percet male, and 42 percent under the
age of 25.
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$21 million Friday
The Conjuring held its ground in second
place with $22.1 million, gaining
momentum throughout the weekend. It
fell only 47.1 percent from its opening
last week. The R-rated $20 million
horror movie has made about $83.9
million so far, making it director James
Wan’s biggest film to date, surpassing
even the adjusted grosses for 2004′s
Saw, which clocked in at $72.5 million.
In third place, Despicable Me 2
continues to rack in the profits,
earning $16 million despite losing
nearly 344 theaters. But the big
story is that Universal’s $76
million sequel has passed the
$300 million mark after 26 days in
theaters, and can now boast a
domestic profit of about $306.4
million and a worldwide total of
$660.9 million. Currently, it’s the
second-highest-grossing movie of
the past year, trailing behind Iron
Man 3 by about $100 million.
Turbo fell about 37.5 percent from
its opening weekend and earned
an estimated $13.3 million to take
fourth place. Despite a respectable
second-week drop, the animated,
radioactive snail story still floundered
out of the gates. With an estimated
budget of $135 million, the Ryan
Reynolds-voiced family movie has only
made about $55.8 million so far, and
things aren’t going to get easier as the
weeks go by. The little blue guys are
coming, after all. Smurfs 2 opens wide
on Wednesday and could be the death
knell for poor Turbo.
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Rounding out the top five is Adam
Sandler’s Grown Ups 2 with $11.5
million, edging the domestic grosses for
the raunchy, star-studded comedy past
the $100 million mark. Amazingly, it’s
still only Sandler’s 15th-highest-grossing
moving, but it has been in theaters for
just three weeks, so there’s room to
Fruitvale Station and The Way, Way
Back, both Sundance movies, expanded
their theater counts this weekend.
Playing in 1,064 theaters, The Weinstein
Company’s Fruitvale Station made the
top 10 with weekend grosses of about
$4.7 million, and an overall domestic
total of $6.3 million. Ryan Coogler’s
independent drama chronicling the true
story of Bay Area resident Oscar Grant’s
last day won the Grand Jury Prize and
the Audience Award at this year’s
Sundance Film Festival. The themes and
events are also quite resonant with
current events, and could perhaps be
another factor as to why the film is
performing so well. Meanwhile, The
Way, Way Back, from the writing,
directing, and acting team of Jim Rash
and Nat Faxon (who won an Oscar for
their adapted screenplay for The
Descendants), expanded to 886 theaters
and took the 11th spot with $918K.
The To-Do List, Aubrey Plaza’s first
major starring role, opened in 591
theaters and earned an estimated $1.5
million — right on track with estimates
from CBS Films. With a production
budget of $1.5 million as well, the R-
rated sex comedy also stars Bill Hader
and Rachel Bilson.
Finally, Woody Allen’s latest, Blue
Jasmine, opened in six theaters in New
York and Los Angeles and brought in
$613K, with a stunning $102K per-
theater average. Starring Cate
Blanchett as a fallen 1 percenter, Allen’s
well-reviewed elegant ode to wealth,
mental illness, and happiness is one of
the first films of the year to elicit
earnest Oscar buzz. Despite its PG-13
rating, it’s also one of the few serious
adult films in theaters at the moment.

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