#MTNProjectFameUpdate: The Competition Gets Tougher!

Yesterday, after the morning exercise, the contestants were all ready for Mummy J’s class. She started with Jimoh by talking about their last performances. Jimoh was commended for giving such a good performance. He was
specifically praised for being in control of his act.
They worked on expressions she feels their songs would require. Contestants were asked to evoke expressions like anger, tears, sadness, joy and tenderness. Ayoka’s
laughter was infectious and Mummy J said, “that is an expression that was gotten right”.
Uncle Ben’s class was hot as usual, he was not happy with those on probation as they still couldn’t modulate properly at BEAT 99.9 FM.
He told them to be prepared for this week as they will be paying tribute to legends like Fatai Rolling Dollar, Sonny Okosun and Christian lgbokwe, among others.
Later in the class, the contestants found it difficult to rehearse ‘Won Kere Si Number’ and ‘Omo Mi O Seun Rere’.

The voting lines are still open, so don’t forget to vote for your favourite contestants that are on probation. To keep them in the academy, text ONLY their voting number to
306 If you are in Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Text ONLY the voting number to 1745 if you are in Ghana.

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