michael jackson daugther paris jackson feels abandoned by her own world!

We learnt that late Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson was very unhappy at the moment because she felt everyone in her world has abandoned here. We also gathered that she is very regretful of the conflict that divided she and her brother Prince. She totally wants to make peace with her brother. Paris felt her father, late Michael Jackson’s death caused disintegration unlike when he was alive.
According to TMZ,
Paris felt abandoned by not just Prince, but by everyone in her world.  When Michael was alive the family bond was unbreakable.  But after he died, she not only lost her father, but the family unit disintegrated.  She couldn’t relate to Blanket because he was too young, ditto Katherine because she was too old, so the only possible soul mate was Prince.
We’re told Prince became distant to Paris because he developed other interests — girls, martial arts and cars.  Paris became enraged and the two argued fiercely, which escalated up to the time Paris took a meat cleaver to her arm.
We’re told one of the reasons Paris became close to Debbie Rowe is because her mother showed a genuine interest and love for her daughter — which meant a lot.  But Rowe couldn’t solve the big problem in Paris’ life — the feeling of abandonment.
Our sources say Paris has recently been telling friends and family she wants to repair her relationship with Prince, and regrets the conflicts that divided them.
Short story … we’re told the fact that Paris is expressing these feelings is great progress.    

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