#SundayDigest: A Writer’s Random Thoughts on “Ese Walter’s Affair With Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA”

The entire social media is still wrapping their minds around the confession of Ms. Ese as regards her claimed escapades with Pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun of COZA, there have been reactions from all quarters and yet an official statement has not emerged from the Pastor Biodun.
However, a writer has taken his time to pen down few of his thoughts on the situation and Glitz Plus Ent. has it here:

Excerpt from the post:

I must start by saying this is not a response to Ms. Walter’s exposé of her short-lived affair with Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA. What follows is a collection of random thoughts and beliefs, some of which I have held for years – and have now decided to share. You will find that not all of them are directly correlated to the situation Ms. Walter describes:
1. At their very best, Pastors are only MEN of God.
There is no simpler way to convey this truth. Your Pastor, no matter how holy he behaves and how many times a day he says “God bless you”, is only a man. His ‘Pastoral calling’ does not grant him immunity to the temptations and fallings that befall other men. Even Jesus was a man! (I Tim. 2: 5). He grew hungry, thirsty, and was equally tempted by the devil!
2. We are ALL the anointed of God. The verse which says in part “…touch not my anointed, and do my Prophets no harm” is often quoted out of context around these parts. I recently read about a Pastor who sexually molested a 2-year old, and a commenter on the blog argued leniency on his behalf because he was “God’s anointed”. Balderdash! As originally written in I Chron. 16: 16-22, the phrase “my anointed” referred to the people of Israel! All of them, and now ALL OF US!
3. It is alright to correct church leaders when they slip up. Yes! I said that, and I will say it again. Church leaders sometimes make mistakes, and it is totally okay to correct them – so long as it is done in love. Do you remember Peter and how he became de-facto head of the church after Jesus’s ascension to heaven? Okay. Now do you remember Paul and how he was travelling round persecuting Christians while Peter’s shadow was healing the sick (Acts 5: 12-16)? It might interest you to know that Paul corrected Peter “to his face” in Antioch “because he (Peter) was clearly in the wrong”. (Gal. 2:11-21, NIV). It is also interesting to know Jesus regularly corrected the Pharisees and Sadducees (leaders of the religious institution of His time) in public.
4. A man who does not answer to any higher
authority is a disaster waiting to happen. I often advice ladies who are about to commence ‘martially- intended’ relationships to develop strong friendships with their partner’s mentors and role-models. Times come when men make mistakes (some of them honest and sincere), and their families need to cry for outside help as a last resort. Woes betide her who marries a man without mentors or role models in his life, or the church member whose Pastor is an authority unto himself. No man is reasonable 100% of the time. Accountability is very important!
5. If you ever need to ‘report’ your Pastor, ‘report’ him to his mentor – not to his protégés. In I. Peter 5:5, young men are exhorted to submit to those who are older. Spiritual authority is taken very seriously amongst Pastors and their protégés, and it is foolhardy to expect a protégé to correct his ‘Senior Pastor’. If you ever run into an issue with your Pastor that needs to be discussed with a third party – find his mentor; not a subordinate!
6. We need to help our Pastors, not worship them!
It is common around these parts for church-goers to fawn over their pastors, sometimes seeming to worship the very ground they walk on. That is idolatry, pure and simple! Pastors and leaders should be respected, but not worshipped! It is not uncommon for people to give thanks to “Papa”, bless “Papa” for interpreting their dreams and interceding for them, and ask congregations to rise and applaud “Papa”. What nonsense? What is the place of God when “Papa” has taken all the glory?
Pastors and leaders need to be helped! If your Pastor asks you to come to the hotel, do him a favor and DON’T GO! You will be helping us all. If he asks you to sit on his laps, kick off your shoes and run!! Nothing good can come out of sitting on his laps. If he asks you to wait behind after two or three consecutive services for extra counseling, tell him you prefer to speak to his wife!!!
Except you already have a crush on your Pastor, that is.
7. Know God for yourself! One of the greatest things that happened to Christianity was the ‘democratization’ of the Bible. Bibles, which are more widely available today than they have ever been, are meant to be read –not used as decoration material for our bookshelves.
When we stand before God, we will all stand by ourselves and for ourselves! There will be no singing and dancing “awa egbe Mountain of Fire, aa de!” No! You will be on your own; Pastor will not be able to say anything in your defense!
A number of ‘commenters’ on Ms. Walter’s post have asked her to take it down because it might hurt other people’s belief in God. Hear, hear? More balderdash!
While we all hold some men in higher esteem than others, our relationships with God are personal to us. If one’s belief in God can be hurt by a Pastor’s
shortcomings, then maybe they need to lose this belief and rediscover God for themselves.
Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you!

Koye-Ladele Mogbekeloluwa

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