BurnaBoy Allegedly Assaults & Humiliates A Salesgirl In Portharcourt

Burna boy reportedly arrived PH on the 24th of August, he decided to stop by at SIlverbird Cinema probably for a movie then we cant say what exactly transpired between Burna and the Silverbird ticket seller then Burna boy slapped and poured drink on the girl. The situation got worse that police was invited to the place. Check Bunr boy’s tweets and TouchPH who was at the scene.
Only in PH yo! y is it dat everytime I come bak here I gotta hav d worst time ever. A bad day deserves a good ass nyt. Winebar turn up 2nyt

— Burna Boy (@burnaboy) August 24, 2013

Burna boy just slapped, poured drink on her & humiliated the girl that sells movie tickets at silverbird cinemas very bad of him @TouchPH

— The 7 Day Theory (@DayTheory) August 24, 2013

Really disappointed he should change his name to Burna tout honestly @TouchPH

— The 7 Day Theory (@DayTheory) August 24, 2013

“@TouchPH: How was your day?”was fine until burna boy put up a show of shame @ silverbird cinemas.

— The 7 Day Theory (@DayTheory) August 24, 2013

No matter what transpired between him and the girl he shouldn’t act that way as a celebrity. @TouchPH

— The 7 Day Theory (@DayTheory) August 24, 2013

“that’s how he was shouting for all em windscreen cleaners at waterlines dis evening na to sue am naa , @ikwerreman: True??? RT “@DayTheory:

— D’Braide (@kelvinbraide) August 24, 2013

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