#FASHION POLL: Who Wore It Best…?

We stumbled up this picture of both Emma Stone and Lady Gaga in this lacy Tom Ford dress with a very modern silhouette. Both stars rocked the dress in their own unique way, so we have to ask: who wore it best?

Emma chose the black lace version with minimal accessories and killer black heels. We love her hair and her burgundy lipstick was perfect! But we’ll be honest, we’re not used to seeing Emma in such bold shapes and the cut of the dress kind of distracts us…and not in a good way!

Lady Gaga wore the white lacy version with a black ribbon belt and black tights. She added pearls, sunglasses, and a huge white hat! It was very Lady Gaga and also a very absurd and modern take on old Hollywood. We think this dress is much better suited on Lady Gaga and it seems tame that what we usually see her in!

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Who Wore It Best?
Emma Stone Vs Lady Gaga

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