[Pride of a woman] Stella Damasus Blasts Lola Alao Over Single Ladies Dating Married Men Comment

Althought this happened a couple of weeks ago though, but I read it and decided to share to the ladies out there. I really feel she is the pride of we ladies, she. Inspires me I must say.
The truth is Lola Alao’s comment in an interview about single ladies dating married men if it makes them happy was something that didn’t go down well with actress Stella Damasus.

Read below what Stella Damasus replied her: –

“Lola Alao are you for real? Why don’t you first find a man to marry you and advise your single friends to go for him? Are you trying to justify that you are dating a married man? Why should another woman’s husband make you happy, Lola? Why are you advising young ladies to covet other peoples property? Are you not supposed to be an amsassador that will affect her environment positively? If the young men out there are not ready,whatever happened to being patient? This advice just shows how irresponsible you are ….I pray that God will never allow that married man you are dating to marry you. May God open his eyes to see you for what you are and may he return home in thanksgiving to his wife. Young ladies please do not listen to this advice..it is from the pit of hell!”

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