[Read] ‘Live the dream’; in memorial of Martin Luther King Jr.

History doesn’t write itself, rather people do. We are all placed in this world for a purpose, however, our existence in this world is purpose driven. On this day, 28 of August, 1963, a certain man walked this world and left a landmark, he wasn’t like others who were in this world and were concerned about their pocket, family and existence alone. He trail the path of ‘human “right”-eousness and water the flower of civil-right, not because he was holier than the rest of the world, but because he is concerned about freedom and equality in the world, and the betterment of mankind. That man is Martin Luther King Jr. Most people have dreams, but their dreams are not in anyway linked to fostering the existence of other humans in a peaceful and war-free world. People do no longer give so much credence to dreams, for the general human race is faced with a challenge in which machines and even internet ‘dream our dreams’.
For example in Nigeria today, the dreams most of us have are either dreams that sees us rich with money and rolling with celebrities, or dreams that sees us getting into politics and looting all of the national treasury, or dreams that sees our tribe greater and being regarded as the ruling ethnic group in Nigeria… What happens to dreams that put an end to epileptic power supply, good road networks, stop mediocrity in politics and in the society, zero tolerance to corruption and bad government, what happens to the dream of one Nigeria or one Africa? Is this generation really asleep or walking dead?
In as much as America was occupied with people of colours, Martin Luther King stood up against oppression and war to fight for the black populace in hopes and vision that the darkness that we see today will soon be consumed by light of tomorrow…with dreams that, discrimination and racism will be old storiess, he didn’t only dream the dream, he lived the dream and worked out the dream. He had a dream that a day is coming when white and black will no longer be seen as two different species but as human. As Obama rightly said; “He offered a salvation path for oppressed and oppressors alike. His words belong to the ages, possessing a power and prophecy unmatched in our time,”
‘A say this day today’, let’s begin our journey of writing history the right way. Let’s give credence to dreams that are long term and and positive. Why do we make money, fame and women our Priority, those things do not last, if Martin had made such things his priority back then, he would long be forgotten. I have never seen or heard anywhere where a rich/wealthy casanova is being remembered as much as a revolutionalist…
What have you to offer Nigeria, Africa and the World today? Decide now and write your history if you want to be remembered at all.

#Decisions: Five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decide to jump off. How many are left? Five, because deciding is different from doing. Don’t decide to live your dream today, dream the dream and live the dream.

Richard Oluseye Anthony
Philosophy Student, at the University of Ibadan

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