Sean Kingston Driving Under Influence? Here’s What He Has To Say

If reports about Sean Kingston’s recent actions are accurate, we are very disappointed!

According to witnesses, the dutty love crooner was too drunk to even talk when he left Hollywood’s Bootsy Bellows last night, but his alleged inebriation didn’t stop him from driving his Lamborghini home!

Even worse, Sean was apparently texting and driving, too!!

Nooo!!! That’s too bad!!! You DON’T do that!! If this is true, he could’ve gone to jail or seriously injured or even killed someone

Pap reportedly asked him about 2 Chainz’s new album, and this was his nearly incoherent response:

“I can’t remember man … too much drinks.”

UPDATE: Apparently Sean was joking!!!

In a series of recent tweets, he said:

“I’m not one of these artist who you may think is living youngwild and free in Hollywood i care about my reputation and brand… it was obviously a joke everyone that know me or been around knows that I don’t even drink in clubs..So can we stop with this… It’s so sad how people are in this world… they see you young and successful and automatically wanna tear u down in Hollywood.. What about being POSITIVE?”

“Sorry to all my fans but u guys know I’m better then That… check my name In the media I’m 1 artist that’s never in nothing! I live positive!”

We’re relieved to learn he wasn’t drinking, but still texting and driving is dangerous and against the law!

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