The Vampire Diaries Returns With Damon & Elena In Love And Katherine In…[Read more]

The doppelgangers be getting BUSY. Vampires sure know how to keep things inneresting.

And the vampy fangers on The Vampire Diaries are about to bring us many more interesting days with the new season starting this fall with Elena and Damon’s love growing stronger, Katherine not allowing being human slow her down.

Not only will we be wondering how Nina Dobrev is managing to film with her now ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder, but the characters are clearly going to have us guessing all season long!

Katherine is back! And you KNOW she’s not going to be keeping a low profile! And if you thought her turning human would change that, oh gosh? are you SO wrong?

But as much fun as we’re sure she’ll be this season, it seems not ‘everyone’ is so pleased to see her.

Even though we are assured of Elena and Damon’s love, we don’t know why Ian Somerhalder looks like he’s dealt a terrifying blow to his smoldering soul!

Still looks pretty hot though

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