UNBELIEVABLE: Man Rapes 3 Women In Less Than An Hour, Claims Voice Told Him To ‘Get Everyone’

A paranoid schizophrenic has been detained indefinitely at a maximum security hospital after he raped three women in less than an hour during a series of violent attacks.
Serial rapist Thomas Hall, 33, attacked four sex workers after prowling around Piccadilly train station, in Manchester.

Hall, who raped three of the women and sexually assaulted the other, is said to have bragged to a friend on the phone ‘I’ve done three or four now. I’ve had the best night of my life’ after attacking his last victim.

Manchester Crown Court heard how Hall had heard voices in his head telling him to ‘get everyone’.
Two of the women ran half-naked down the street and flagged down passing motorists to raise the alarm following the attacks, the court was told.

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