Dayo Adeneye (D.I) Allegedly Fathered a Love child with UK Mistress

Dayo Adeneye a.k.a D1, the business partner of the famous Kenny Ogungbe of PrimeTime Entertainment fame is sure having sleepless nights over the exposure of his amorous affair with a lady who’s based in the UK.dayo

According to sources, Dayo Adeneye must have bitten more than he could chew as his unguarded extra marital affairs has started to hunt him as plans to get rid of the pregnancy which his UK mistress had for him was abortive leaving D1 at crossroads.

This office gathered reliably that D1 met this Calabar born babe, Susan Ekpe during the 2009 Nottinghill Carnival and the duo has been closely inseparable since then to the extent that D1 found her house in London as second home and was even at his best when Susan came to Nigeria for the first time, learnt he sent his car to pick her at the airport and also spoilt her silly during her stay.

The source close to the lovebirds hinted that the once bubbly Susan is now a sad lady as she now has to nurture and fend, all alone for her almost 2 years old child, a bouncing baby girl who we learn is D1′s perfect replica.

We were told that, D1 had actually been strict with the use of condom during the constant relationship that lasted almost 4 years until he decided to taste the forbidden fruit.
Weeks after, the result came and our dear D1 stood his ground that it must be an abortion. Susan, then in her early 30s tried all she could but unfortunately the baby whose name is Rebecca refused to be aborted given credence to its Biblical meaning of ~To Bind~.

Rebecca’s mum who works in the UK is sick and tired of everything, according to sources, she’s not asking for too much, not marriage this time but for the broadcaster to take up his responsibility and all this she has tried to pursue in a solemn and subtle way without success.
In our facts finding mission, we tried to get in touch with Dayo Adeneye for his own side of the story, when this office got him, he was so attentive but the moment he heard the name, Susan Ekpe, he quickly cut off the phone, and we however rang him back severally but he ignored the calls. We’re still on the story, we shall give you more as events unfold.
Jite Usman

Culled from the National Enquirer Magazine