[#WeekendDigest] Friends Are A Reflection Of Who We Are

The adage that says show me your friend and i’ll tell you who you are is right but, it would be meaningful to say, show me your friend and i’ll tell you where you’re going. Every friendship or relationship in your life will either add to you, multiply you, take away from you, divide n break you into pieces. If we are to ask ourselves the people we spend most of our time committing our ‘ear-time’ to, most times, what category do they fall into? Who we will be is closely linked to what we hear. The vessel of our personality is our ears. Who commands the greatest share of your ear-time? Think about the greatest effects these people have on your life and be very honest. Be more loyal to your future than to your past. Too many people out of loyalty to their past have kept friends that hindered them from getting to where they are going. No one has the right to choose you as a friend. You have the only right to choose anyone. Do not blame anyone for the choices you make, including your choice of friends. Do your friends add ideas, confidence, direction, inspiration to your future? Whatever you permit your ear-time to partake, you will believe it.

To be continued…..

Posted by Oluwafeyikemi Omoniyi