Diane Krish-Veeramany, 30, went into labour last Thursday, a week before her due date, and three of her colleagues helped deliver the baby, called Jonah.
After giving birth she was taken by paramedics to Queen’s Hospital in Romford, Essex, before both she and her son were allowed home.
Mrs Krish-Veeramany, 30, a teacher at Manford Primary School in Chigwell, East London, had attended a morning meeting but asked to go home shortly afterwards as she was feeling unwell.
She said: “I texted my husband to come and get me but my colleagues asked if I wanted an ambulance.
“I said ‘I’ll just go home.’ I just didn’t think it would be a contraction as it didn’t feel like one.”
But it soon became clear she was going into labour, and three teaching assistants, Dita Gojnovci, Chris Sword and Sam Mustafa, stepped in to help.
The three delivered the baby while taking instructions from paramedics over the phone, as towels and other equipment were gathered from around the school.
The teacher’s husband, Vijaye Veeramany, was en route to collect her when he received a phone call telling him the baby was already on its way.
The labour, which started just before 9am, lasted only 20 minutes, but Mr Veeramany reached the school just in time for his son’s arrival.
Tina Jacobs, the school’s head teacher, told the Romford Recorder: “We phoned an ambulance but before they could get here she gave birth in an empty classroom with three classroom assistants.
“It happened so fast. The ladies kept brilliantly calm and the paramedics were fantastic every step of the way.
“Everyone has seen this sort of thing on the television before but you never dream it will happen in real life.”
Mrs Krish-Veeramany added: “Everyone was so supportive and just acted on instinct.
“Luckily, my husband got to the school before I gave birth.
“We now joke (Jonah) was late for his first day at school as he was born after the bell.”

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