(FASHION) Draya Michele Signed By Jay Z to Rock Rocawear


They believe she’s the kind of tigress who would eat her own young — or simply starve him to death.

But questionable parental skills aside, Draya Michele of “Basketball Wives LA” fame first clapped back hard at her haters who continue to assail her maternal instincts, before none other than Jay Z, who hired the stunning reality star to rock his Rocawear line for the fall editions.

The controversial star is helping to promote sweatsuits, hooded jackets and oversized button-up shirts. She spoke about becoming the face of a major clothing line for the first time and what knowledge she was imbued that she can take back to her own line.

“This is the first time that I’m the face for anything, so being that Rocawear wanted to work with me is an honor. The company is going somewhere. It’s back. I feel like they’ve brought the company back and I’m here to help. If I like it then I feel like everybody else will like it, too. It’s always a very young company so for girls my age and even younger, these are the kind of clothes that we like to wear.”

I started my clothing line last year and I wanted to release around Christmas. I had no idea it was going to be as big as it was. Now that I’ve grown, I know the right ways to do stuff now and that’s why it’s a great opportunity to get to work with Rocawear because I can follow behind the pros who have been doing this for so many years. It’s amazing.”

Checkout her hot photos: