Floyd Mayweather May Drop Justin Bieber In Favour of Miley Cyrus as His Hype Girl.

As we all know, Mayweather is among the top richest sportsman this generation is experiencing. This time around, he is not in the media for a fight or anything but in an issue as regards who is the next celebrity accompanying him to the ring.
Well, he has had a lot of celebs as fans not limited to Justin Bieber and rapper, Lil Wayne who were also his hype men for the last couple of boxing matches he won handily.
Here, Floyd Mayweather now wants twerk queen, Miley Cyrus to accompany him into the ring for his next big fight.

”Yeah, she be twerkin’,” the grinning champ told Howard Stern during an appearance on Wednesday morning on his SiriusXM radio show. “She’s like me. She’s entertaining.”

Posted by Richard Oluseye Anthony