Nicki Minaj Exposes TOO MUCH BOOBS in very daring outfit [SEE PHOTOS]

Nicki Minaj has got standing out down to fine art. On Tuesday, the singer made it near impossible not to stare at her thanks to a very daring ensemble. The 29-year-old ensured no one on the back lot of the Ellen DeGeneres Show missed her as she put almost all of very famous curves on display.
No missing her: Nicki Minaj suffered a wardrobe malfunction as she headed to the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday in a daring look.

The Starship singer threw caution to the wind going without a top or even a bra under an open jacket as she prepared to film an interview to be aired on Friday.
On anyone else the cropped high necked blazer would have been a conservative addition to their outfit, but for Nicki it was the prefect way to flash her more than ample chest.
While many stars often show a hint of their chests on their side of their tops, the singer was not content to just reveal a glimpse of side boob, instead buttoning the jacket just at the neck and letting the front fall open revealing side, under and front boob.
Look at me! The star combined the flesh flashing jacket with a pair of leather sweatpants and accessorised the look with a large designer gold chain around her waist and a pair of black and gold cage heels.
So proud of the look was the singer that she posted numerous pictures on Instagram.
In one of the shoots, Nicki even suffers a wardrobe malfunction but, not fazed by revealing too much, she still posted the image herself.
The star combined the flesh-flashing jacket with a pair of leather sweatpants and accessorized the look with a large designer gold chain around her waist and a pair of black and gold cage heels.
Keeping to her signature look, the Super Bass singer wore heavy makeup that included doll-like bright pink lipstick, wing lined eyes and statement making false eyelashes.
Nicki is, of course, no stranger to the Ellen show and posted an image of herself posing with picture of her and pint size performers Sophia Grace and Rosie at an earlier appearance.
The rapper was on the show to promote her new fragrance Minajesty, which came out this month along with her own clothing range for K Mart.
It is these ventures plus her hugely successful singles that helped Nicki become the only woman to make the Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings list.
Announced Tuesday, Nicki was number four on the list making $29 million a year behind P Diddy, Jay Z and Dr. Dre.

Credit: Daily Mail News

Posted by Richard Oluseye Anthony