#WICKEDNESS: Mother Held Down 4-year-old Son As Boyfriend Raped Him In Prison Visiting Room [See Photos]

Reports has it that Sabrina Bonner contributed to the sexual assault and rape of her 4year old son. According to reports by the DailyMail, Bonner, 25, blindfolded her son and told him to kneel on a chair as her boyfriend, Lionel Barthelemy, raped the child in a prison visiting room. Bonner held the child’s hands so he couldn’t move during the attacks.

The attacks took place several times as Barthelemy, 31, served time at Toul detention centre in eastern France. The couple would engage in sexual activity in the prison’s waiting room and eventually began to force Bonner’s son to participate.

Bonner even recorded some of the sexual attacks on her cellphone camera. Bonner would give the memory card to Barthelemy who had access to a cellphone while in prison. The couple admitted to being sado-masochists who participated in brutal sexual activity.

The prison is currently being investigated. Bonner and Barthelemy face maximum sentences of 20 years in prison.

Culled from Rolling Out Magazine

Posted by Richard Oluseye Anthony