#BONUS: Black Nurse Awarded $110,000 Because Racist Did Not Want Black Nurses to treat His Baby

Tonya Battle received a cash settlement after enduring racism by a patient’s father and the hospital where she worked. According to MLive.com, Battle filed a lawsuit against Hurley Medical Center in Flint.
In Oct. 2012, a baby was rushed into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. However, after the child’s racist father saw that Battle and other black nurses were caring for the baby, he went to supervisors demanding a change in staffing. The man told the white supervisor that he did not want any black nurses caring for his child and showed his Swastika tattoo.
The supervisors at the hospital agreed to the man’s request and replaced Battle and other black nurses with white nurses. Battle became infuriated by the incident and decided to sue to hospital for supporting the wishes of a racist.
Battle, who had been with the hospital since 1988, won a settlement and inspired the hospital to make staff members attend sensitivity training.
The other black nurses on duty settled for $41,250 each.

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