Meet The World’s First Trillionaire After Bank Mistake

A Texas Man, Reggie Theus temporarily
became the world’s first Trillionaire due to a
bank error. Yes he is the world’s first
trillionaire but only for few hours. The Texas-
based restaurant manager got the shock of his life when he saw over 4 trillion dollars in his bank account. Like his daily routine, he went to work the next day and coordinated his staff. His bank later realized they made a mistake and quickly removed the money from his bank account.
“I was definitely surprised when I looked in
my account and saw that much money in
there.’I looked it up and there’s never been a trillionaire before.” – Reggie told KLTV
4 trillion dollar bank account.
The bank asked Reggie not to identify them.
The error was made during an online banking software update.

If this mistake happens to you how will you feel?

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