*Steps Into A Noisy Hall**
Choi… Oma Wa Ga oo, it’s been like twenty something years that I flew into this country and yet I’ve refused to be used to this everyday noise that comes with Nigerians even when I’m getting used to everything – at least, I’m used to this their good-for-nothing strike actions.
*Block Ears And Steps Out Of The Hall*** ***Turns To The Camera (We No Be Like Those Wey Dey Faint In Front Of Camera Nau)* 😀 😀
My people, **In Tu Baba’s Voice* “you go agree with me say this matter no be small matter” – artistes acting richest here and there, dem Ice Prince, Baba Jazzy, SkiBanj; some dey claim am with gbogbo ishan **In Timaya’s Voice** “Dem Mama” – Awon ti Davido niyen; even those wey no reach sef come dey form richest, e.g.…. *lips sealed* una wan hear true true??, abegi no be from my mouth una go hear say Sarkodie dey Illuminati abi say Innocent no sabi hold body **In Tu Baba’s Voice** “U No Holy Pass My Brother…” *Clears Throat**
Who are those pikins making noise there na??
***Steps Into A Classroom***
***Eyes Wide Open***
“…better, best. I shall never rest, until my good is better and my better beee…” **Runs Out** – Oh boy, awon omo nursery yii still dey pursue best sha…
***Hears Wild Shouts From The Industry*** who are those na?? **Steps Into The Entertainment Industry****
“Emi o ja fun best rapper, baddo lee omo ecko…best rapper bawo…”, na Olamide be dat na
Choi, see this tweet sef oo
“Wizkidayo: Me I no dey for who be the best…as far as owo wole…emi wa ok!”, even star boy sef, ahan…
Eewo, see this line o – “when I become rich and famous…”, na Praiz be that sha…issorai
***Runs Outside The Industry To Catch My Breath***
Lobatan o, nobody wan be best again
***Thinking Aloud*** – Ehen, shey na why that Calabar boy wey dey sing love song with good lyrics after him comot Project Fame don start to dey call ‘omoge olosan’ … **In Iyanya’s Voice** – “baby this your booty na confiiirrrm, I like the way you dey…” no be him fault sha, na wetin dey bring money in be that for Naija, even that niccur wey start with gospel song and funny Calabar songs don dey do ‘Limpopo’, choi…awon ti Calabar **In Reminisce Voice** – “Calabar lo nishan…” – toh, I rest my case!
E come be like say the older you get, the more your desire to be the baddest/richest. Wetin be best sef, owo ni koko jare. **In Reminisce Voice** – “Owo lafin s’oko obinrin…”. So as dem nursery rappers/MCs/artistes wan be the best, the adults wan be the richest…uhmmm, maybe I’m wrong sha but at least man fit combine both na – **In Tu Baba’s Voice** “…no shaking, nothing dey happen”.
Now let me tell you my opinion before you post your comment(s). Before you start condemning those in the nursery school category or those reciting Olamide’s line: “emi o ja fun best rapper”, consider these situations:
-THE STORY OF THE TWO GIRLS: I call them girls ‘cos I want to stop using the word ‘bitch’. Tola is 23, she cute dieeeee! Now, Tola has been nacking since she turned 18, she sabi mad skills like… **Lips Sealed** and she’s popular for what she knows how to do best but she’s got nothing to show for it, not even a Blackberry phone. Shey na ‘nack on credit’ she dey do ni 😀 no wonder she’s tagged as ‘dirty bitch’, ‘whore’, ‘smelling’ when even 100 level boys sef don dey beh. Another ‘nakamura’, Temi, babe yii no fine kankan, na so so packaging. I even hear say for ‘bedmatics’ she no dey last, na to dey scream, dey cum chap chap she sabi but oh boy, this babe get money dieeeee – babe dey bill bobos madly, ‘orishirishi’ phones dey her hand so tey she dey dash ‘less privileged’ :D. They rarely call her bitch ‘cos her own bitch get class…now, I know I’ve got you thinking **Laughs** No be sub ooo
-THE STORY OF THE YAHOO BOYS: Kunle dey press keys like say na exam him dey do, bros dey loud say him be working boy, and yet he has got nothing to show for it, oma shey oo, aiye le o! Meanwhile, Sola wey no dey scream dey acquire cars upon cars…abeg who dem wan believe say dey press keys gangan, no wonder the best student won’t be able to boast in the future that he was the best back in school if there’s no money to show for it whereas olodo back here fit tell press say him grad in flying colours…why una go believe when am when him dey ball tight with him family.
Farabale, do you still want more situations, common jare – **In Jay Rule’s Voice** – “stand properly!” and if you still want to pursue best without money then **In D’Banj’s Voice** – “If you are still sitting down, you are on a long thing”
*Steps Into The Street* Daz All!

Written by: @baron_bamzie
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