Meet The Owner of The Most Expensive Nigerian Mansion

Photos Credit: 360Nobs and FBI Site

Well, his name is Okwudili Umenyiora, popularly known as Dili. Dili is a car dealer and he is whispered to be the owner of this marvellous edifice. Dili’s mum is married to the owner of Germaine motors, he is the half brother of Naeto c’s wife Nicole. Fifi’s younger sister Obioma Isiwu contested for MBGN 2011 but did not win, she carted home the Miss tourism prize instead.
This house took four years to build and they only just moved in three weeks ago. The housekeeping is being done by five house keepers, one of which is a Philippine woman. This house must cost a fortune and reeks of money.
Mr. Okwudili Umenyiora is alleged to be a Fraudster having allegedly turned jailhouse informant snitch, got released from federal prison on March 9th 2006.
According to the Baldwin County, Alabama Corrections Center database, he gets re-arrested the same day and later released, but then the official trail goes cold, and the site lists him status as being that of a ‘Fugitive From Justice’ and on trial in Alabama for for running a big time check fraud operation, in which they used Nigeria’s name as part of the pitch for their scam.
Incidentally, that’s not his first brush with the long arm of the law, it seems he’s been a career criminal for over a decade as this mugshot from 2001 attests. Back then his offenses included ‘obstructing a police officer’, ‘Giving a false name or information’ and ‘Driving while license is suspended’.
This same Okwudili Umenyiora begins popping up all over the society pages of Nigerian newspapers, magazines and blogs, introducing himself as ‘Mr. Dilly’,
Chairman of ‘Dilly Motors’, self-styled big time businessman and pillar of commerce.
Now he has police Escorts in Nigeria.

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