See What Omotola Jolade Has To Say About ASUU Strike

Well, the last time we checked, we all know and insist that education is a right and not a privilege, no wonder developed countries and developing countries who want to attain. That status of development invest so much in education. Unlike Nigerian government that seems to be nonchalant about the educational status and future of the ordinary youths, Omotola Jolade, a veteran actress voiced out her opinion about the on-going 3month+ old strike on Twitter. It is interesting to note that, while are mate are busy making ‘stupid films’ and mocking the situation of Nigerian youths by producing movies like ‘ASUU Strike’, she seems to be busy telling the government to wake up to the responsibility of educating and securing the future of the ordinary youth.
Here is what she said below:

Written by @misterglitz @roluseye

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