Cancer More Deadly Than HIV? #CancerQnA

07ce3120df8d05cb0c274050111c7377How much do you know about the killer virus called Cancer. Cancer as it is is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. One of the major cause of cancer is tide to smoking, according to research. When ask which one of the virus is more deadly, I will answer that cancer is more deadly, but both are deadly diseases. Although one can live with HIV for over ten years without feeling much pain and losing part of the body to the virus, it is not so with Cancer. But would you rather not have any of them, as the fact remains that, both are deadly diseases.

If you have not lost a love one or close friend to this killer disease, you will see cancer as one of those common diseases that shouldn’t be given so much concern and time. I once lost a very close friend of mine in the University to cancer, last two years. This friend of mine was so talented and full of life, but death did not come in a friendly way, but came horribly through the killer virus, cancer. It wasn’t that that my friend in question used to smoke, but i guess he inherited or as a result of our endangered environment.

I know of many people who did not see to the direction of supporting cancer patient and researchers, not until they lost someone dear to them. Africans are somewhat at greater risk to cancer not because of their lifestyle, but because of the nonchalant attitude shown towards preventing and fighting cancer by both government and private bodies.

The signal and symptoms that accomplish cancer is quiet in ghost like form. When cancer begins, it invariably produces no symptoms. Signs and symptoms only appear as the mass continues to grow or ulcerates. The findings that result depend on the type and location of the cancer. Few symptoms are specific, with many of them also frequently occurring in individuals who have other conditions. Cancer is the new “great imitator”. Thus, it is not uncommon for people diagnosed with cancer to have been treated for other diseases, which were assumed to be causing their symptoms.

You might be wondering how on earth can you prevent cancer; and I am like through restraining from some attitude of habits. Cancer prevention as we know it is defined as active measures to decrease the risk of cancer. The vast majority of cancer cases are due to environmental risk factors, and many, but not all, of these environmental factors are controllable lifestyle choices. Thus, cancer is considered a largely preventable disease. Greater than 30% of cancer deaths could be prevented by avoiding risk factors including: tobacco, overweight / obesity, an insufficient diet, physical inactivity, alcohol, sexually transmitted infections, and air pollution. Not all environmental causes are controllable, such as naturally occurring background radiation, and other cases of cancer are caused through hereditary genetic disorders, and thus it is not possible to prevent all cases of cancer.

Checkout the most common types of cancer in the world today:

1. Prostate cancer
2. Breast cancer
3. Colon cancer
4. Lung cancer
5. Lymphoma
6. Leukemia
7. Melanoma
8. Basal cell cancer

I am not an expert in the field of oncology, but i will like to share a fact I got to know about the killer virus called cancer. Normally, each one of us has about 750,000 cancer cells in us.. and our immune system constantly catches and kills them, so avoid being killed by the fear of having cancer when the virus is not even knocking at your door.

Richard Oluseye Anthony