#GlitzPlusEnt: The US claim that Al-Qaeda is seizing opportunity in Yemen

Credit: WH Media
Photo Credit: WH Media

The US defence secretary says al-Qaeda has “seized the opportunity” in Yemen amid reports that fighters from the group had stormed a border post near Saudi Arabia.

Speaking during a visit to Japan on Wednesday, Ashton Carter said both the Houthis and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula were taking advantage of disorder following the collapse of Yemen’s central government.

Referring to AQAP activity in Yemen, Reuters news agency quoted him as saying: “We see them making direct gains on the ground there as they try to take territory, seize territory in these battle lines … we are observing that,” in an apparent reference to an AQAP attack on Tuesday of a Saudi border post that killed two soldiers.

Carter’s comments came as the US said it was supplying intelligence to the Saudi-led coalition bombing of Houthi rebel positions across Yemen, and pledged to expedite arms supplies to the Gulf kingdom.

Credit: Al-jazeera