Read Questions That Need Answers About Governor Adams Oshiomole’s Marriage to Lara Fortez


On the 15th of May, 2015, Governor Adams Oshomole of Edo state recently took it upon himself to tie the knot and take a bold step in marrying another wife, after loosing his first wife to cancer. It is so hilarious
and sad seeing people’s reaction towards the governor’s action, as people are calling the lady, a ‘gold digger’, calling the new couple ‘beauty and the beast’.
I will like to ask people the following questions;


Do you expect him to marry an ugly lady?
Do you expect him to marry an older lady?
Do you expect the lady to have said no when the governor proposed to him?
If that was your relative would you have hauled out those same insults on there wedding ceremony?
And for the ladies, if the governor had come to ask for your hand in marriage would you have said no?

I can guess your answers, so please while don’t you get a life and grow up, stop hating someone else who get what you dreamed of having!!!

@Roluseye speaks!!!