Woman tied man to his bed and set him on fire after offering a massage

Photo credit: Daulphin County Jail
Photo credit: Daulphin County Jail

A man nearly lost his life after a woman offered to give him a massage. According NBC 10 in Philadelphia, the Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, resident decided to let Christina Leach into his home after she convinced him that she could provide him with a relaxing evening.

Once Leach, 27, was in the man’s bedroom, she tied him to his bed. However, this wasn’t an attempt at S&M. Leach poured a flammable liquid on the man’s back and set him on fire. She then grabbed the keys to the man’s van and stole his vehicle.

The man was able to escape and jumped out of a second story window. He was able to extinguish the fire on his body and drive one of his vehicles to a nearby store where he called police. Once authorities arrived, the man was rushed to an emergency center.

Leach was eventually found in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she was arrested while in the man’s stolen van. She has been charged with aggravated assault, arson and theft.

The victim remains in the hospital and his condition has yet to be released.

Sourced from: Rollingout.com