Checkout accusations about Whitney Houstons’ alleged lesbian romance

Youtube Screenshot on "Extra"
Youtube Screenshot on “Extra”

Ian Halperin’s new book, Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame, has already made waves thanks to its shocking claims about Bobbi Kristina’s alleged drug-filled teenage years and rumors that Whitney Houston was extorted over rumors she was lesbian. Now, even more details about the book have been revealed, including accusations that Houston’s alleged lesbian romance was turbulent and violent.

In the book Halperin alleges that Houston was romantically involved with her former assistant/BFF Robyn Crawford, who is openly gay. Halperin claims that Houston and Crawford met while they were working at a a summer camp together when Houston was just 16.

Houston’s mom immediately disapproved of their friendship and even kids at the camp begin to spread rumors about a romance between the pair. In one alleged incident, Houston pinned a child to a wall after the student called her a “d—.” A childhood friend tells Halperin that Houston then told the student “If I ever hear you spreading gossip about me, it’ll be the last time you ever do.”

Although Houston and Crawford started out as friends, Halperin alleges that by the mid-’80s, Houston had moved Crawford into her apartment in New Jersey’s Mendham Township. Rumors about Houston’s sexuality began to spread and in 1988 she told Ebony magazine that she was dating Eddie Murphy. However, after her death in 2011, Murphy claimed that he never dated the singer.

Halperin spoke with Houston’s father, John Houston, about the lesbian rumors and he told the author that his daughter’s close circle of friends begged her to stop hanging around Crawford. However, John said, “I don’t ask my daughter what goes on in her bedroom.”