Jesse Jagz Bears It all, His not going to church over four years, his brother being his boss, at el.

Recently, popular rapper and the brother to Chocolate City CEO, Jesse Jagz, recalls that he has not been to church for over 8years and these are is reasons;
He said, “I think every human is spiritual. Prayer is communication with God and there is no definite way of communicating with God. My dad was a pastor so we grew up in church. However, I have not gone to church in eight years. I believe education does not only exist within the four walls of a school the same way God does not only exist in a religious institution. He exists on his own. Growing up in church has made me realise the most important thing is to have a relationship with God. Human beings take religion too seriously.”

The rapper who left his record label for over two years told Punch, why he left. He also expressed his feeling about his brother, MI, being his new boss.