#PMB100days: 52 visible actions of President Mohammed Buhari’s 100days in Office, in Perspective

Nigeria, the biggest country in the African continent, experienced a change in government on May 29, 2015… Expectation is high from the people the government of the day, because promises were made by the new government.
We would take it upon us to look at and highlight the various actions taken by this new government, as today, the 5th of September, marks her 100days in office.
Below are some of the things we can find that the government is doing, although they are subject to criticism…

1. Implementation of UNEP report on Ogoniland

2. NNPC reforms

3. Revamp of the Niger Delta amnesty program through proper verification of beneficiaries and payment of funds.

4. Enforcement of fuel price at Naira 87 in most places through DPR

5. Gradual stabilization of fuel supply

6. Ban on fraudulent foreign vessels lifting oil

7. Stream line of local oil importers to check corruption.

8. National carrier relaunch project

9. Alignment of biometric databases

10. Reduction of police allocation to VIP’s

11. Restriction of family from use of presidential jets

12. Rejection of new official cars worth 400 million naira

13. Abolishment of office of first lady

14. Presidential salary cut by 50%

15. Appointment of quality persons in key roles

16. Appointments of persons from perceived opposition States

17. Rehabilitation of IDP’s

18. Meeting with Bring Back Our Girls campaign group

19. Mobilisation of Neighbouring countries to fight Boko Haram

20. Reverse of sack/ conviction of 2500 soldiers

21. Relocation of military command to Borno state

22. Equipping and morale boosting of military to fight Boko Haram

23. Revamp of Nigeria local arms manufacture

24. Audit of military arms procurement since 2007

25. Dismantling of unnecessary police checkpoints

26. Police reform processes

27. Single treasury account

28. Increased monthly allocation to States despite oil price fall

29. Increase in excess crude account by 200 million naira

30. Increase in foreign reserves by over 2 billion dollars

31. Conversion of State debts to bonds

32. Plugging revenue leaks and loopholes

33. Increased transparency through regular presentation of Federation accounts

34. Audit of federal agencies and parastatals by PwC, KPMG and co

35. Meetings with Nigerian diaspora groups in South Africa, Niger, USA, etc.

36. Reset of relationships with USA one of the Nigeria’s main trading partners

37. High level international shuttle diplomacy

38. Mediation in Guinea Bissau crises

39. Enhancement of power generation through payments to gas suppliers, etc.

40. Audit of electricity companies

41. Saving funds by ending pilgrimage sponsorships

42. Audience and interaction with media

43. Establishment of new level of process and procedure in corridors of power e.g. well planned schedules at Aso Rock (based on Dele Momodu’s reports)

44. Bringing back a culture of proper planning and
thorough process.

45. Demonstration of commitment to anti-corruption war- restoration of focus on non-corrupt public officers.

46. Constitution of anti-corruption advisory committee

47. Revamped and active EFCC and ICPC

48. Timely funding of Nigeria Sports commission in
preparation for All Africa Games

49. Operation of open door policy where both allies and perceived opponents are given access

50. Encouragement of new culture of accountability in Army (e.g. formal apology from Army to Benue Governor for soldiers indiscipline and GOC in Lagos order to soldiers against harassment of danfo(bus) drivers)

51. Scrapping off of PHCN’s ridiculous meter charges for unused electricity.

52. Public declaration of assets by the president and his vice.

These are what we have seen. The government is trying and we expect more from them, because this is not where we want or as suppose to be at this moment. Let the wind of change blows!!!

Written by: @Roluseye