President Buhari Purported Ministerial List – My Pick

Ahead of the officially hearing of the Senate,where they would spell out the names of President Buhari’s ministerial nominees, that was sent in last week, I would like to make some salient observation.

There are some imaginary list plying the media since last week (even prior to last week). Some people said this, while some others said that, going by the purported ‘angelic-list’ released by some media outlets, if truly the list is anything to go by, then I am not disappointed. I will be disappointed only if those ‘rogues’ in saints clothing are actually screened and passed to be ministers.

I want to belief that President Buhari is giving the Senate president, in the person of Bukola Saraki a chance to redeem his snafued image by doing ‘what’ is expected of the senate. If after Tuesday the Senate president decides to approve these ‘names’ as cabinet members, then it would be obvious that ‘old habits don’t die’.

According to the ‘back-fence’ list, I think appointing Amina Mohammed is a good choice and that seem to be a neutral selection different from choosing the ‘old’ people who the masses term rogues to continue to run the affairs of this country. Ms Amina Mohammed, is the former special adviser to the Nigerian president on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and current special adviser to United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon on post-2015 development planning.

BTW, Fashola and Ameachi are in the list oooo…