On The Death of Alameiysiegha!!!

So many people have different things to say about the death of Nigeria’s renowned South-South politician, Alameiyesiegha, who kicked the bucket on Saturday the 10th of October. While some Nigerians were happy about his death (after all the allegations levied against him)… others were remorseful and thought, the ex Bayelsa governor do not deserve the treatment he received from Nigerians while he was alive (I do not understand what people would stand to gain in someone’s death).
Here, we have two version of what we can term tribute, given by renowned Nigerians (Madam Peace Anyaim-Osigwe of AMAA and Mr Kelly CFC of Punch Newspaper). Kindly read through them and let us know which one qualifies to be a perfect tribute…

CHUKWUDI AKASIKE of Punch Newspaper wrote:
“Diepreye Solomon Peter Alamieyeseigha, the first elected governor of Bayelsa state, did not die a happy man. He suffered multiple tragedies in his last days on earth and, on Saturday, went to his grave abruptly. In October 2014, the man once known as the “governor-general of the Ijaw nation” flew to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to retrieve the corpse of Oyamieyifa, one of his sons who died under controversial circumstances. No father wants to bury his child, and not even under such a cloud.
Tonbra, his other son, broke up with his wife of seven months, Chikodi Stella Ononiwu, early 2015 in controversial circumstances after a dream wedding which was the talk of the town. That might have been of little worry to Alamieyeseigha, who had to also watch his wife, Margret, suffer so much pain as a result of bad health. She is currently undergoing treatment for a life-threatening ailment. And in a most dramatic twist of fate, the British govt recently requested his extradition to face trial for alleged money laundering.
In September 2005, the UK’s Metropolitan police had detained him after finding about £1 million cash on him, and another £1.8 million in cash and accounts. He was subsequently charged with money laundering but he jumped bail after allegedly disguising as a woman, an allegation he denied. the former governor received the news of the plans to extradite him to the UK. He was devastated over the plans to take him back to UK for trials. He told family members that he has suffered enough of the judicial processes and humiliation.” – Kelly CFC

Peach Anyiam-Osigwe of AMAA has this to say via her Facebook timeline:

“The death of Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, DSP as he was fondly called former governor of Bayelsa State, is a sad day for me as Pmo Anyiam-osigwe but also for the African Movie Academy Awards family, DSP ALAMIEYESEIGHA for many people was a man with many faults but in the 11 year journey of which 8 AMAA’s held in Bayelsa, the journey with DSP was the most orderly one, he was very principled once he gave an appointment he would keep to it, if he delayed you he was apologetic, he spent quality time with guests we took to Bayelsa always describing the potentials of the state to any and everyone, He was a proud IJAW MAN.
We have lost a true friend of Nollywood and African Cinema today, he loved the creative industries , post his troubles he kept in constant touch to see how AMAA was doing, and how was PMO doing, DSP , Daddy, Governor General of the Ijaw nation was a man of Peace in his own way, regardless of the faults or the allegations of corruption it will not stop from saying the good of this great friend of mine. The Ibo’s have a saying “onye Arah were enyi” this translates to a mad man has friends for all his faults DSP was my friend and i will never deny him or stop saying the good about him , I will honestly say that Bayelsa has lost a rear Gem, DSP was loyal to a fault, It is important to note that DSP was stripped of all he had, and even friends that he helped never tried to give back to him, when we talk he will tell me that it is important to count those you call friends with one hand.
He lost his son last year in DUBAI in circumstances no body explained to him, I wish people will follow the understanding of Death and not speak ill of the DEAD, many may not know him but ALAMS is not as bad as he was made to look. Without him AMAA would have taken much longer to come into existence.
10th OCTOBER has become a sad day for us at AMAA, 2013 We lost Gabriel Patrick, Today ALAMS
Aunty Margret and my brothers and sisters, the Good People of Bayelsa State we have lost and Officer and a Gentleman.
Regardless of what anyone will say DSP was a good soul REST IN PEACE ALAMS, REST DSP, REST DADDY, REST MY GOOD FRIEND!”

Written by Richard Oluseye Anthony (@Roluseye)