Launching a new column soon- #OSDET

Greetings esteemed readers and friends! Glitz Plus Magazine will be launching a column on the 6th of January 2016, titled “Ordinary Youths Doing Extra-Ordinary Things”. This column will feature youths who are contributing to societal development in Nigeria and by extension in Africa. These youths shall be contributors in areas not limited to the following:


* Leadership

* Community Development

* Science and Technology

* Social Justice

* Education

* Health

* Entrepreneurship

* Diaspora Contributions, etc.


The column aims at telling the stories of humble but mighty personalities who have developed themselves into admirable positive pundits in Nigeria as a country and Africa as a continent.


We will feature new youths every 3months and tell their stories to people out there. (NB: We are starting with every 3months time-frame, because of the newness of this initiative, but we hope to shorten the time-frame as we progress.)


The age bracket for anybody to be featured in this column is between 17-35 years of age.


If you think you are worthy to be featured in this column or know someone who is and you want him/her to be featured, don’t hesitate to send a short bio and why we should feature you, to our email: or the editor’s:


P.S: Those who are still in school or just finished school will be given utmost priority, due to the goal of this initiative, which is “to encourage youths in any tertiary institution to take up the responsibility of causing a change in our world from their various communities”.


No one can tell our story better than WE CAN and no one can appreciate us if we don’t start APPRECIATING OURSELVES!


Read and share their stories when they pop up, the youths are the nucleus of any society!


Thank you!