#MondayMotivation: “If I have power to change the past, I will change the fact that I have to become an orphan at 4” – Vincent Adeoba, ‘The Luckiest Orphan on Earth’

VincentYou know we all have some greatness in us right? Don’t get too lost, few weeks ago, we started publishing the story of a young Nigeria, who affirmed that he started his first line of business with just N200 and made a profit of over N500, 000 monthly. So many people didn’t believe the story, we got messages from people trying to inquire about the authenticity of the story. We are a Nigerian brand and we live and work in Nigeria, we know how tough life can be for some Nigerians and how much opportunities abound in the land, so yeah, the story is true. We went further to conduct an interview with Vincent, which we promised we were going to publish on our official site. But here we are with the story, cooked and ready to be served. lol

A quick recap of the whole story about Vincent, which brought about this interview and why we unofficially refer to him as the luckiest orphan on planet earth. Vincent became an orphan at the tender age of 4, he became the responsibility of his elder sister, who decided to sacrifice her own education to see that Vincent and the others get food to eat and become educated. In this interview with Roluseye, Vincent spoke about how the road was for him and he gave an insight on how he plans to see to it that children do not go through the difficulties he went through as a child.

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Enjoy the chat in the excerpt below;


GlitzPlusMag: Your Journey to this present status was quite rough and challenging. You seem to phase-out your story prior to the time you gained admission into OAU, can you tell us how it was for you then?


Vincent’s response: Since I lost my parents at the age of four, things has been very difficult. In fact things were so hard between the age 4 till I was 12 years old. Many times, there was no food to eat and when we even have food to eat, it was so little but we have to just manage hoping situation will get better. I can remember an incident when I was in primary four that was in year 2000. The school uniform I was wearing to school then was so bad to the extent that it caught the attention of my class teacher and was very angry that my parents must be very heartless to have allowed me to wear such a tore school uniform. She asked me to go home and call my parents or else she won’t allow me into the class. She later saw me crying and called me to her table where I narrated my story to her and she too started crying. But she did something that I will never forget, the following day, she gave me one of her son’s short to replace the bad one I was wearing. To say situation was difficult then is an understatement.


GlitzPlusMag: It was really challenging for you, especially getting to be raised by your sister from a tender age, who sacrificed a lot for you. What were your most challenging experiences (3), otherwise, worst experience in life and how did you pull through?


Vincent’s response: The number one most challenging experience is the fact that I lost my parents at the age of four. I never met my dad and not even his picture to see how he looks like. Most times I always wish they didn’t die. I wish we can be together and have the experience of what it looks like to live together with one’s parents. The second one was the day I was almost kidnapped along with my immediate sister by ritualists. We have gone to the market where we use to buy the okra we sell in bulk. On our way out of the market to the other market where we sell okra in smaller quantity, we ran into the hands of ritualists who promised to give us free lift with our okra not knowing that they have another motive. We were miraculously delivered from them. The third was a day we left the market so late in the night because of an heavy rain that night. After the rain, we left the market and on our way home, we entered a big flood. It was dark so we didn’t see the water was much. By the time we entered it, we were stranded at the middle and we were so scared because it was like the water was moving us away towards the nearby culvert. I can remember that I lost the slippers I wore that day as we struggled and fought for our lives. We narrowly escaped death again that night. We were scared to toes.


GlitzPlusMag: Considering we can’t neglect lessons leant from past experience(s), as they often shape and determine our present or future. If you had the power to change the past what will it be?


Vincent’s response: If I have power to change the past, wow that will be great. I will change the fact that I have to become an orphan at the age of four. I will change the fact that I have to start hawking okra at the age of 7. I will change the fact that we were so poor and couldn’t afford what an average Nigerian could afford then. Let me just stop here because there are lot of things I would love to change including the whole past itself.


GlitzPlusMag: Tell us more about your NGO and how people can be part of it?


Vincent’s response: Sera Schools Initiative is an NGO committed to providing quality education for every child in Nigeria. We are passionate about solving the problems facing the Nigerian education sector through our three phases projects.

-Sera Schools Training: This phase focus on training of teachers and students across the country on how to maximize their potential for academic excellence. The training covers digital education training and how to leverage on the internet to improve academic performance.

-Sera Projects: This include- Sera Schools Sandal Project, Sera Schools Uniform Project, Street To Class project, Sera Library Project. This phase focus on helping indigent children and youths to have access to quality education.

-Sera Conference: This phase involves organizing conferences across the six geopolitical zones the country is divided into. The conferences will serve as platforms where stakeholders in the education sector can come together to discuss the challenges facing the education sector and what we can do to solve the problems. Teachers and students that make recognizable contributions in their schools will be recognized with awards of excellence to encourage them and others to do more.


People can support us in cash and in kind. We need fund to finance many of our projects. We need people as volunteers as we plan to visit 200 schools this year. We also need people with ICT knowledge to join our training team. This is my contact 08169126032 for support, sponsorship, partnership and other related information.


GlitzPlusMag: To every young man out there, facing some difficult and rough moments, be it lack of job, family troubles, academic deficiency, constant failures, and many more, what advice do you have for them and what will you recommend they do to be out of their mess?


Vincent’s response: My advice for them is that they should never give up no matter how things seems to be difficult. My belief is that God use the situations of our lives to prepare for the future ahead and to call us to purpose. Greatness is not a cheap commodity, you must be ready to pay the price. I started my first business with just #200. So start with what you have. Don’t wait for the time the situation will be perfect because such a time will never surface. If others are doing it, you can do it too. You are the architect of your own life, there is greatness in you; bring it on.


GlitzPlusMag: Does religion play a role to your present status?


Vincent’s response: Of course! I am a Christian and I won’t be who I am today if not for God. Though there was a time I didn’t believe there is God because of the challenges I was going through but God did some miracles that convinced me of His existence. God has kept me despite everything I went through and today I am more than grateful to Him for all He has done.



GlitzPlusMag: Where do you see yourself in the next 5years?


Vincent’s response: I see myself in the next five years as one of the most impactful under age of 30 youths in the world. I see myself providing employment for hundreds of people and helping thousands of students across the country through Sera Schools Initiative to have access to quality education and have confidence to face the future.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, do have a wonderful year.

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