#MondayMotivation: Story of a Handicap who is Overcoming Obstacles

Jared Brown in 2014, when he graduated high school
Jared Brown in 2014, when he graduated high school

We welcome all our readers and fans to the new month, the first day of February, 2016. January was really a long month and we believe we all made good use of the month, if not, here is another chance to do so. To keep us motivated and inspired in the new week and new month, we bring to you yet another inspiring story on Monday Motivation.

This is a story of Jared Brown who is from Pennsylvania, US, despite his disability, he stood up to the responsibility as a youth to be the voice. This wonderful story was submitted by Caitlin Carlson on Values website.

Enjoy the piece below, as written by Caitlin;

“Jared graduated high school in 2014. He is handicapped and undergoes several, major brain surgeries every few years. However, despite Jared’s many daily obstacles, he has devoted his life to overcoming them and making a difference in others’ lives. Over the years Jared has raised thousands of dollars to help the homeless and impoverished in our community. He also raises money for the Lehigh Valley Miracle League, of which he has been a member for years. Jared also helps teach sign language at the elementary schools to students who rely on it to communicate – despite Jared’s own struggles with verbal communication. On top of that, Jared inspires the community more than just his physical contributions. In 2014, when Jared graduated from Parkland High School, he moved his classmates and audience to tears when he stood independent from his walker and crossed the stage to receive his diploma. Jared is the epitome of not being confined by inevitable setbacks as well as the quintessence of a generous human being.” 10929931_10153271707825739_5002107847036992917_n-1


We hope you did have a wonderful and inspiring read? Remember, your disability is not inability, get up!!!